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Come by and celebrate the holidays with us and enjoy our delicious House-Made Hard Egg Nog, or our Jam-Up Jamhatten

Our holiday hours:

Christmas Eve: Regular Hours
Christmas Day: Open at 4:00 p.m. with full menu!
New Years Eve: Regular Hours
New Years Day: Open at 4:00 p.m. with full menu!

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I often joke that the first three rules of brewing are sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. While this is an easy way to convey the importance of the “lean brewery, clean beer” mantra, it occurred to me that I should probably nail down what I believe to be the top three rules of a brewery. Here goes…
The first rule is still and always will be to sanitize everything all the time. There will be plenty of time to ponder the great beer mysteries after the wort is home in its fermenter. Be the best janitor you can be and the yeast will be grateful.
Check your ego at the door. Sound advice for most endeavors, but especially true for a brewer. You, the brewer, have a lot less to do with making beer than most folks think. First, find an old t-shirt with a tasteless beer on it and consider it your 21st century monk’s frock. Then remind yourself you’re on a team especially if you’re brewing alone. Yeast makes beer with you.
My final rule is to prioritize quality beer over the demands of the masses. Selling beer is for most breweries, the goal, but I find, at times, brewers make decisions based on what’s best for the short-term customer demand and not for the beer. I believe the Craft Beer Market demands and deserves the best.

Thanksgiving 2013

by Bob Hiller
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Thanksgiving Menu & Schedule 2013

Open at 4:00pm

We will serve a full Thanksgiving Meal on Thanksgiving Day. Our kitchen staff is preparing a traditional menu to celebrate this year’s holiday. If you want to enjoy Turkey & Dressing with all of the fixin’s with no 8 hour turkey prep, dressing prep plus all of the clean-up chores, this year we have you covered.

Our décor and style delivers an ideal atmosphere for a Thanksgiving feast. Combined with our house-brewed craft beers and premium service, you and your guests will be ‘full when you leave’ according to Chef Scott Weber. Let us do the work so you can enjoy the festivities! Oh, and for football fans, the big game will be featured on our giant television screen.



Aren’t you thankful for Pilgrims and American Indians? Without their great idea for a theme party oh so many years ago we probably wouldn’t take the time every year to celebrate the things in our lives we are thankful for. Even in the tough years when our lives might be just a bit more challenging, somewhere deep in our souls we are thankful for someone or some thing or both.

So, we set aside one day every year to enjoy family, friends food and drink to honor the what we are thankful for  just like the Pilgrims and Indians…are you going to be a Pilgrim or an Indian this year?

We took some time lately to ask our customers and staff what they are thankful for. Some of their replies were the expected yet some were thought provoking. Here is a culmination of their responses for you to ponder.

Take three of our regular lunch customers. They don’t know each other. Their replies focused on kindness and love for their families and faith. When you put those thoughts together they come from the same place even though these are very busy professionals who live every work day dealing with tight deadlines and stressful problem solving. Then, there were those who said that they were so very thankful for the people that they work with; as an example many of our staff noted that they were thankful for our long time Lunch Chef Ms Ophelia. One gentleman got down to basics as he stated that he was just thankful to have a roof over his head; another was thankful for living in the USA. Put those thoughts together and they sing the thoughts of Freedom.

Of course, many are thankful for good safe food, our clean house-brewed beer plus their good health. A man, who we consider a friend, immediately replied that he was thankful for being appreciated by others for just being who he is while a few minutes later another told us that he is thankful for employees that he sincerely appreciates. Favorite location people were thankful for were numerous but in general beaches dominated the answers.

The largest common denominator was regarding family. Whether it is ‘Momma’, ‘my children’ and even ‘my precious dog’ this season brings our thoughts to things with deep seeded meaning. If you think about it, our family units are, or at least were, the greatest influences in who we are today according to sociological behavior analysts.

As you are aware, this is a rough time for some people due to past periods of strife that just happened to occur in late November. Some maybe even 40 years ago. These thoughts are not to be taken lightly because the feelings these people have were and are their reality. Maybe this is where the ‘kindness’ thing plays out.

Then, back to the customer who is thankful for those who are kind to him; appreciate him. He finished our conversation by saying pointedly that “Sometimes you need to be the kind one first to receive kindness from others”. Well, that’s our anthem for this Thanksgiving season and we all hope to take his words further as this year 2013 winds to a close.

So, join us for dinner or lunch or brunch or just a relaxing brew soon. We’ll do our best to treat you with kindness and the best food, drink and service we can.