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Ugly Mugs


mugThose ugly mugs you’ve been eyeing enviously; well, you got one. Finally! So while all those suckers are busy being “average;” sipping beer out of, let’s face it, soda glasses; you’ll be “extraordinarily above average” drinking from your very own Ugly Mug.

The introductory cost for your Ugly Mug and all the attendant spoils is 85 dollars for your first annual membership and only 40 dollars to renew each year. In addition to being one of our absolutely favorite people you’ll receive:

  1. Blue Ridge Brewing Co. T-Shirt
  2. 25% one-time discount on any merchandise
  3. 10% off all Blue Ridge Brewing Co. merchandise during membership
  4. Random specials exclusive to Mug Club Members only throughout the year
  5. Our unwavering respect and admiration

Your Ugly Mug holds a minimum of 22 oz (usually more) of pure liquid sunshine, yet you’ll only pay the current pint price. That’s how wonderful you are. You’ll have the option of leaving your Ugly Mug here or taking it with you. If lost, stolen, or damaged while in your possession, your mug may be replaced at retail price.

We take every precaution to protect your mug (we’re close to monkish in this respect), though sometimes mistakes happen. If your mug is damaged while in our possession you’ll have the option of buying a replacement mug from our stock, or one from a future firing, at cost.

Upon completion of application we’ll issue you a membership card with your club membership number, mug number, and expiration date. This card must be with you at all times in order to access your Ugly Mug and benefits. If lost or stolen, we will joyfully replace it for you.

We will also randomly offer beer tastings, sneak previews on new craft brews, and brewing seminars, or even a limited edition t-shirt EXCLUSIVE to Mug Club Members. And if YOU have any suggestions on how to make the club better, by all means tell us! Welcome to the family! We hope you hang around awhile.


The Blue Ridge Brewing Company


For any further questions, stop by and harass your friendly neighborhood bartender or server, call us at (864) 232-4677, or email us at brewpub@blueridgebrewing.com. Thanks again, we hope to see you soon.