308 Trade Street, Greer, SC / 864.232.4677
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Our Story

After tasting the full-bodied, unique craft brews served in the rustic, comfortable atmospheres found in brewpubs throughout the Pacific Northwest, experienced restaurateur Bob Hiller decided to bring this concept home to Greenville, South Carolina. At this time, state law prohibited the production and sale of alcoholic beverages on the same premises. Mr. Hiller, and a like-minded group of beer lovers, lobbied hard and eventually Brewpubs were legally permitted in our great state.

Then, in 1995, the Blue Ridge Brewing Company officially opened its doors for business. For fourteen years, Blue Ridge remained a Greenville landmark known for award winning, signature beers and an ever-changing seasonal brew lineup. Now we are proud to start a new chapter in the Blue Ridge story in beautiful downtown Greer, South Carolina. Our new location features rooftop dining! As always, all of our handcrafted ales are brewed on site. We believe that a quality beer begins with the ingredients, so we import only the finest authentic hops, malts, and grains from around the world. This process ends in your glass – fresh and locally crafted, the way a fine malted beverage was meant to be enjoyed.

Aside from the brew, Blue Ridge is known for its unique menu prepared by our chef, Rich Flagg. We also offer Sunday Brunch and outdoor dining year round. Reservations are always accepted, and we strongly recommend a reservation for parties of six or more. We’re open seven days a week from Eleven AM to Two AM, except Sundays when we close at Midnight, and we’d love to see you any time.

Rules to Live By:

  • In all things, practice moderation. Except with regard to beer, ale, and whiskey.
  • Be kind to animals, children, the elderly, and anyone or anything else that can fetch you a pint.
  • If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Better yet, trade the damn lemons for some barley and yeast and brew yourself some ale.
  • Silence is golden, but ale is goldener.
  • Patience is a virtue. Remember this when letting the pint settle.
  • The truth shall set you free. This does not apply when the question is “How many pints have you had?”
  • Never use profanity. Except when the^%$#@&! damn pub has closed.
  • Never leave a pint unfinished. It gives the glass low self-esteem.
  • Always choose your words carefully, especially if you’re slurring.